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    Real Meals for Dogs

RealMealsDVD256x349DESCRIPTIONPractical Ways to Make Your Dog’s Food

This film is currently in production. Please check back for availability or contact us and we will notify you when it’s available.

A Lantern Publications film
avialable in DVD and VHS
(NTSC format: North America)
Length: 48 minutes

Currently unavailable


Are you interested in switching your dog off commercial pet food and on to more wholesome meals? Have you wanted to watch someone else do it, before trying it yourself? This is exactly why we’re producing this film.Real Meals for Dogs will take you through the day-to-day issues of making your pet’s meals at home. It will cover both cooked and fresh (raw) food diets. Real Meals for Dogs will focus on practical issues, such as food handling and preparation, shopping on a budget, what to do when you’re short on time, what to feed when you travel—real life issues that affect what and how you feed your pets.

This practical film will make an excellent companion to Canine Epilepsy or Dogs, Diet, and Disease.

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