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NewSkillsDVD127x115 SARDS ResourcesNew Skills for Blind Dogs
A Companion Film to Living With Blind Dogs
Discusses training theory and equipment. Demonstrates skills such as the Wait, the Go Slowly, and the Come when called; teaching dogs directional cues and avoiding obstacles on leash; managing steps and stairs. Includes footage from actual blind-dog training sessions.

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TheBigPicDVD127x128The Big Picture
How Modern-Day Life Affects Neuro-Immuno-Endocrine Function in Dogs
The Big Picture (an animated Powerpoint-style presentation) illustrates the profound links between the immune system, hormone production and brain/retinal activity. Levin goes on to illustrate the startling relationships between adrenal exhaustion, atypical Addison’s disease and atypical Cushing’s disease.

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SmallMealDVD127x125Real Meals for Dogs
Practical Ways to Make Your Dog’s Food
An excellent resource for dog owners who want to switch their dogs to home-made meals, but who just aren’t sure how to get started. Demonstrates how to prepare and switch dogs to both cooked and fresh food diets. An excellent companion to Canine Epilepsy or Dogs, Diet, and Disease.